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What is Crazy Time Game?

Crazy Time offers a thrilling game show experience, a unique twist on the classic money wheel gambling format, featuring a large 54-segment vertical wheel operated by a host. Additionally, each wheel spin comes with an assigned random multiplier. The aim of the game is to accurately predict which segment the wheel will land on once it stops spinning. Crazy Time is enhanced with exciting Bonus games that provide additional multipliers! Just place your wager on any of the following: Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, or the Crazy Time Bonus game. Experience the thrill as any multipliers earned in Bonus rounds boost your rewards significantly! Achieve exceptionally BIG wins with Crazy Time!

Crazy Time Game Vavada

Crazy Time Game Rules

Place your wager on the segment you think the wheel will stop on by selecting from the number segments 1, 2, 5, 10, or opt for one of the Bonus game segments: Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, or Crazy Time.

Once betting concludes, the game host spins the wheel. Concurrently, a two-reel Top Slot mini-game activates, showcased on a TV screen positioned above the primary game wheel. Each game round, the Top Slot generates a random multiplier for a random betting spot, be it a number or a Bonus.

If a multiplier and a bet spot align horizontally in the Top Slot's center, they match, assigning that multiplier to the respective bet spot for the ongoing round. If there's no horizontal alignment between the bet spot and the multiplier, the round continues without any Top Slot multiplier enhancement.

  • For numbered bet spots: the payout is the number's value multiplied by the Top Slot's multiplier.
  • For Bonus bet spots: any multiplier earned in the Bonus game multiplies by the Top Slot's multiplier.

At the end of a spin, the wheel's stopping point, highlighted by the flapper at the wheel's top, denotes the winning segment. If it lands on your chosen number or Bonus, you win. Should your bet spot have been matched with a multiplier, your winnings increase accordingly.

Payouts for number bets reflect the winning segment's odds, e.g., number 5 pays at 5 to 1, number 10 at 10 to 1, etc. Payouts for Bonus bets are defined during the respective Bonus games. The original stake on the victorious segment is also returned with your earnings.

While all participants can watch Bonus games unfold, only those who bet on the specific segment can engage and secure winnings.

Bonus Games

When the wheel lands on a Bonus segment, a specific Bonus game initiates. The particular Bonus game that players will participate in—Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, or Crazy Time—depends on the Bonus segment on which the wheel has halted.

Cash Hunt

In the Cash Hunt Bonus game, players are presented with a wall displaying 108 random multipliers. Should a multiplier be won in the Top Slot, it will enhance all 108 multipliers on the screen. Subsequently, these multipliers are concealed by random symbols and shuffled. Players are then given a countdown period to aim their cannon at the symbol they believe conceals the highest multiplier.

Once the countdown concludes, the cannon fires, revealing all hidden multipliers and disclosing the one you've secured.

Should no selection be made within the allotted decision time or if an interruption occurs, a choice will be automatically executed, selecting a multiplier from the wall at random.


The Pachinko Bonus game introduces a thrilling multiplier wall, equipped with a random puck drop zone at the top and 16 diverse multipliers at the bottom landing zone. The puck descends randomly from zones 4 to 13. Before this descent, every multiplier is enhanced by the Top Slot's multiplier. Watch intently as the puck bounces off pegs, aiming to land on your chosen multiplier.

If the puck halts on DOUBLE, all landing zone multipliers escalate, doubling in value. The drop zone is then shuffled, and the puck is released once more. This process repeats until the puck settles on a specific doubled multiplier or hits DOUBLE yet again, amplifying your potential winnings each time!

In instances where the puck consistently lands on DOUBLE and elevates all multipliers to a peak of 10,000x, any further DOUBLE landing changes to a 10,000x multiplier.

On rare occasions, a Rescue Drop may be initiated if the puck stops on a 2x, 3x, or 4x multiplier, offering a second chance to escalate winnings. During a Rescue Drop, the zone is reshuffled, and the puck is dropped anew. Post-Rescue Drop, all multipliers beneath the puck's last landing multiplier ascend to match that landed value, providing an unexpected boost to your winning prospects.

Coin Flip

'Heads or Tails' — a simple yet decisive moment with a twist in the Coin Flip Bonus game. A coin with red and blue sides is the centerpiece of this game. Each side is assigned a random multiplier, displayed on a TV screen for all participants to see.

If the Top Slot awarded a multiplier to the Coin Flip segment, this value now enhances the assigned multipliers, with updated amounts promptly showcased on the screen.

After updating the multipliers, the coin is tossed to determine the winning side. Whichever side lands facing up secures its corresponding multiplier, directly boosting your prize.

In an unexpected turn, a Rescue Flip may be activated if the initial multipliers seem underwhelming. This scenario grants a second coin flip, providing another chance to achieve a higher multiplier and escalate your winnings.

Crazy Time

What lies beyond the enigmatic red door? Enter the Crazy Time bonus game, a realm featuring an immense 64-segment wheel adorned exclusively with outlandish bonus multipliers, and not one but three distinct flappers to choose from!

If a multiplier has been secured in the Top Slot, this bonus amplifies all the multipliers present on the Crazy Time wheel, setting the stage for potentially enormous wins.

Get ready to spin for spectacular rewards! During the decision phase, select your preferred flapper — green, blue, or yellow — and watch with bated breath as the wheel decelerates, aligning your fate with the segment your chosen flapper points to.

If a player fails to make a choice within the decision period or if there's an interruption, an automatic selection will occur, assigning a flapper at random. The multiplier for the segment indicated by this flapper will then immediately enhance the player's winnings.

When the wheel comes to a halt, each flapper will indicate a distinct segment. The multiplier associated with the segment each flapper points to will be applied instantly to the winnings of players who chose that flapper.

Should any flapper land on a DOUBLE or TRIPLE segment of the Crazy Time wheel, the multipliers for those who selected that flapper are increased accordingly—doubled or tripled—and the wheel spins once more, specifically for them. Such is the thrill of Crazy Time: the potential for exponential winnings!

In the event the wheel repeatedly lands on DOUBLE or TRIPLE and all multipliers escalate to 20,000x, these segments are transformed into 20,000x multipliers, maximizing the excitement and the winning opportunities.


Segment on WheelNumber of SegmentsPays
1211 to 1
2132 to 1
575 to 1
10410 to 1
Pachinko2Up to ⁦⁦$⁩500,000⁩
Cash Hunt2
Coin Flip4
Crazy Time1

The maximum payout for all your winnings within a single game round is subject to a cap. For specific figures, please refer to the Bet Limits table.

Be aware that any malfunction during the game voids all plays and payouts for that round. Always ensure a stable and uninterrupted connection to mitigate the risk of any game disruptions.

Return to Player

Cash Hunt95.27%
Coin Flip95.70%
Crazy Time94.41%
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